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Box scan: front cover artwork

Blue "light" Falcon

Samurai Goroh won't let himself be defeated

Factory work for Captain Falcon

The speed demons beautifully reborn on GameCube

Falcon catching up to Dr. Stewart

Desert fever

Through the hologram

Losing control

Let the race begin

Electric shock in the tunnel

Curious insects racing on metallic trees


Power of the four

Turbo zone

Goroh and Falcon in a tight fight

Starry sky over the city

Duel in the sun

Green exhaust smoke

Falcon is behind, but not for long

F-Zero GX

Developed by Sega Amusement Vision
Published by Nintendo

Genre: Futuristic racing
Players: 1 to 4
Memory Card: 22 blocks
Extra: Memory Card data exchange with F-Zero AX (arcade).

Connection: none

Release Dates:

July 25, 2003
August 25, 2003
October 31, 2003

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Review / Test:

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R Samurai Nintendo thinks this game is suitable for everyone (kids over 7, teens and adults)

Official story and features:

"Nintendo and SEGA—both accomplished masters of high-speed fun—have collaborated to create the fastest, most visually stunning racing game ever! F-Zero GX is the race to end all races, as fearless pilots risk everything to claim the title of the top speedster in the universe. Captain Falcon and 29 other pilots head to exotic star cities, like the neon-lit Mute City, lush Green Plant, wealthy Port Town and the storm-wracked streets of Lightning to race at supersonic speeds. In addition, players can save their racer to a Memory Card and race with it at arcades on F-Zero AX."
Story from Nintendo press release

"- Be ready to race for the long haul with 20 sprawling courses and more than 30 pilots to choose from
- Hunt for turbo boosts at mind-boggling speeds as Captain Falcon and the universe's racing elite battle through obstacle-studded straight-aways, along the inside and outside of pipes, and over massive jumps
- Compete in races that span many familiar F-Zero modes, like Grand Prix, Time Attack and Vs. Play through a new Story mode, where you follow Captain Falcon as he races through missions and completes various challenges
- Use the points you win in races to buy parts and build your own speeder in Custom mode. Connect with the arcade version and transfer enough parts to make up to 8,000 unique racing combinations
- Race a home-built, custom machine in the arcade or bring your Memory Card and transfer additional pilots and all kinds of custom parts from the arcade version to the Nintendo GameCube"
Features from Nintendo press release

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This was one of the first GC games I bought. First it was quite easy, but when I came to Emerald, Diamond and AX cup, it was nearly impossible. Still it was very fun. The story mode got hard even at the normal mode. But when I've won every story course I got Deathborn. And you could build your own machine and race it. This game is the best GC game ever!
-- From Duddel