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Sex: Male
Age: 15
Country: USA
Occupation: Technological junkie (yes that means I have little life ;))

Plays Nintendo games since: I believe I got my SNES in kindergarten
First Nintendo game ever played: Donkey Kong Country

Visits Samurai Nintendo since: It's been so long I forgot
Registered in the forum: no

Last GC games played: Pikmin, James Bond: Agent Under Fire, Lord of the Rings: Return of the King
Which console(s) do you own ?
NGC, PS2(actually my brothers), GBA, GBC, SNES.

What are your favorite GameCube games and why ? Are they among your all-time favorite video games ?
Super Smash Brothers: Melee. Super Smash Brothers: Melee is definitely one of my all time favorites. I just love this game. I don't know if I prefer it over it's predecessor or not but they both are good, even if it's hard to go from one to the other.

The mass question: what's the color of your Cube ? how many games and controllers do you own for it ? do you have a Game Boy Advance, a Nintendo DS ? do you play online or in LAN ?
My GameCube is purple (the only color originally?). I have two controllers. I have a Game Boy Advance and have used a DS. They seem to be nice and I really enjoyed messing on Metriod Prime: Hunters but at this point and time don't plan on buying one. I don't currently plan on buying a network adapter.

Which characteristic (graphics, sound, gameplay...) of a game do you value the most ?
I personally don't care much about graphics or sound nearly as much as gameplay. Sure they can be nice extras but when it gets down to it the game isn't made fun because of them. Gameplay makes the game better and that's what makes me happy and want to play it.

Anything you regret about the GameCube ?
Only that I haven't gotten more games.

What sort of game would you like to see on GameCube ?
I would like to see more shooters and racing games. For some reason I like these kinds of games and the ones for NGC aren't as good as for other systems and PC. I would also like if Nintendo re-released all the legacy games from SNES and NES and possibly gameboy. It'd be cool if they also sold look alike controllers for playing these games.

Any gaming exploits ? Anything you achieved in a video game that you are particularly proud of ?
Gaming exploits not really but the first time I beat Donkey Kong Country I remember being happy.

What would you say to convince people to buy a GameCube ?
I would say that Nintendo has a long track record for having systems that make games that are good but to be honest I wouldn't try getting most people to buy a GameCube. This is because I find that MOST people who will actually use it are long time Nintendo fans or younger. Many of the titles that have been released for NGC are aimed at younger kids and as a result I wouldn't necessarily be trying to get people to buy one.

Is there a not so well known GC title that you'd like to bring attention to ?
Well like I said, I don't own many (partially because I don't have much money to spend on them) so most of the time when I buy a game I know it's going to be good.

Would you like to say something to all the game makers at Nintendo Japan ? (they might read you !)
I would like to thank Nintendo Japan for being there when I was little playing Donkey Kong Country and Mighty Max for developing these games. I enjoyed playing your games and hope that in the future you continue to make good games.

Thank you for answering Samurai Nintendo's questions !

Interview done on February 4, 2005.

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