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Mr Anderson

Sex: Male
Age: 16
Country: Brittany, France
Occupation: Newsmaker for Cubenergy / High school student

Plays Nintendo games since: 2000
First Nintendo game ever played: Donkey Kong Country on Super Nintendo

Visits Samurai Nintendo since: Hmm... a very little while ago
Registered in the forum: Not yet...

Last GC games played: Spider-Man 2, Donkey Konga
Which console(s) do you own ?
Nintendo Gamecube, Sega Megadrive.

What are your favorite GameCube games and why ? Are they among your all-time favorite video games ?
Skies of Arcadia Legends. I don't know exactly why, this game had me riveted to the screen for several hours. And NBA Live 2003, certainly because of the hours I spent playing with my friends.

The mass question: what's the color of your Cube ? how many games and controllers do you own for it ? do you have a Game Boy Advance, a Nintendo DS ? do you play online or in LAN ?
My Cube is black. I have 2 controllers, and nothing else. I play offline.

Which characteristic (graphics, sound, gameplay...) of a game do you value the most ?
I care deeply about gameplay. If I enjoy playing, it's not because graphics are nice-looking, but because I enjoy the game's principle. The sound atmosphere and graphics are second to it, but they are still the ones to decide if I play for long or not.

Anything you regret about the GameCube ?
That it's not more succesful than it is... and that editors leave it one after another !

What sort of game would you like to see on GameCube ?
GTA! ( I dream, I know ^^) and Devil May Cry... The others are already on the cube.

Any gaming exploits ? Anything you achieved in a video game that you are particularly proud of ?
I've finished every Sonic on Megadrive within three days (I've only eaten and slept during this time).

What would you say to convince people to buy a GameCube ?
It kicks ass ! It's the best console I've played, you'll certainly have a fun time with it ! Try it...

Is there a not so well known GC title that you'd like to bring attention to ?
Serious Sam.

Would you like to say something to all the game makers at Nintendo Japan ? (they might read you !)

Thank you for answering Samurai Nintendo's questions !

Interview done on February 5, 2005.

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