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Sex: male
Age: 16
Country: Canada
Occupation: Army reservist

Plays Nintendo games since: 1993
First Nintendo game ever played: Super Mario Bros.

Visits Samurai Nintendo since: 1 year ago
Registered in the forum: no.. maybe later

Last GC games played: Legend of Zelda: The Wind Waker, Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles, Metroid Prime
Which console(s) do you own ?
NES, Super NES, Game Boy Color, GameCube.

What are your favorite GameCube games and why ? Are they among your all-time favorite video games ?
My favourite GameCube games are probably Super Mario Sunshine and Legend of Zelda: The Wind Waker. I find it hard to rank video games, because different games have many different good qualities. These two may be between #10 and #15 on my all-time list. Personally, I enjoy some NES and SNES classics a lot, (Final Fantasy, Earthbound, etc.) and these would take the top spots.

The mass question: what's the color of your Cube ? how many games and controllers do you own for it ? do you have a Game Boy Advance, a Nintendo DS ? do you play online or in LAN ?
My Cube is platinum, I bought the Metroid Prime bundle. I own one platinum controller that came with the bundle, and one 3rd party "indigo" controller. I do not have a GBA or Nintendo DS, and I don't use online or LAN.

Which characteristic (graphics, sound, gameplay...) of a game do you value the most ?
I do appreciate when a game has great graphics, it leaves a first impression of the game before ever playing it. However, above all is the gameplay and how "fun" the game is to keep coming back to.

Anything you regret about the GameCube ?
I don't regret anything about the GameCube, I was well aware of what I was getting when I bought it. Even if it was not the cheapest of the major consoles, it would still have likely been my preference.

What sort of game would you like to see on GameCube ?
Although there are a few (NFS and Burnout series), I would like to see more quality racing/driving games. I also enjoy a good action/adventure and would love to see more of those from classic (Mario, Zelda) franchises.

Any gaming exploits ? Anything you achieved in a video game that you are particularly proud of ?
Can't think of any.

What would you say to convince people to buy a GameCube ?
I think the people who really will appreciate the GameCube already know it's what they want. These are the people who enjoy a fun and imaginative game, and appreciate Nintendo's innovation throughout the years.

Is there a not so well known GC title that you'd like to bring attention to ?

Would you like to say something to all the game makers at Nintendo Japan ? (they might read you !)
Keep up the good work, continue innovating but at the same time maintain the classic Nintendo experience.

Thank you for answering Samurai Nintendo's questions !

Interview done on January 4, 2005.

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